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Upgrade Your Dance Bag with Bloch Dance USA's Fall Fashion Collection

Photo credit: Bloch Dance USA - Featured model: Meagan Mann

Similar to any ordinary fashion clothing, dancers become introduced to fresh selections of dance wear items each year. On September 18, 2017, Bloch Dance USA revealed their new Mirella 2017 Fall Fashion collection. The collection offers leotards featuring a halter neck, tank and camisole design.

Artistic directors are now allowing students to wear primary color leotards to class differing from the usual sophisticated black leotard. As seen in this fall line, Bloch has released striking colors for the leotards consisting of patrician purple, rosewood red and the classic black.

Mirella 2017 Fall Fashion items does not end with leotards. This collections includes dance tops, skirts and shorts for dancers to buy to upgrade their wardrobe. More details of the new Mirella Women’s Dance Wear designs can be found at Bloch.

Photo credit: Bloch Dance USA

Model: Meagan Mann

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