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Dancer Plans to Return to Competition after Kicking Leukemia's Butt!

After five difficult months of chemotherapy and battling leukemia-- dancer and leukemia patient, Aliyah Petrone, met Jordan Matter of Jordan Matter Photography a couple of days after Valentine's Day at Cohen Children's Medical Center.

Photographer Jordan Matter was shooting a new video in Cohen Children's Medical Center when Aliyah made a request to her nurse for Jordan to visit her room. The photographer said Aliyah reached out to him years ago about shooting for her, but they never connected until now.

In September 2017, Aliyah was diagnosed with leukemia, and left college shortly after. During these five months, she has been through four rounds of chemotherapy. This month of February was a wrap for her final round of chemotherapy.

She's preparing to compete again in April, and Jordan will be present with his camera. Here's a big cheers to Aliyah Petrone for kicking leukemia in the butt, and for being an inspiration to leukemia battlers, dancers and people everywhere!

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