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Evolution: Integrating Media and Dance to Build Trust

Photo shot by Studio B. Photography

I won’t start the conversation by asking the cliche question, “who would have thought…?”, because it does not matter what people think of your dreams or how you dream. Unless, of course, an angel investor wants to fund your ideas.

Early in 2017, I put my own thoughts into action. I started a media brand called PowerPointe, and I established the definition for it- ‘the dance culture’s presentation’. Through PowerPointe, I have combined my two passions between journalism and dance. This platform allows me to utilize my skills in writing, shooting videos, scheduling interviews and attending events to cover what’s happening in the dance world.

Whether I’m on LinkedIn or Facebook, I’m usually searching to find informational articles on the latest trends in journalism and how I can apply it at my job or to my media brand. I use Instagram to view profiles and personalities of hard-working journalists, and watch how they handle spontaneous situations. The sensitive element involved with journalism is gaining trust from the community. I’m naming it sensitive because often, especially with the “fake news” mantra being thrown around, trust between the community and media can become broken easily.

I’m able to pay attention to what a dancer is communicating while performing. Most dancers have a story to share that will spark emotion. While I’m a dancer myself, I see the story, and it is my mission to dissect it, and draw others in; non-dancer or a dancer. The art of dance is typically diluted to only entertainment, and my desire is to expose the abstract basis of this artistry through media.

Joy Behar, Co-host from ‘The View’ stated, “Without the press, you have no country, you have no democracy-- it’s as simple as that!” I listened to her words, and thought about my platform I’m continuing to grow. In simpler terms, without journalism, you have no community. By intertwining my obsession between dance and media, people can see that I’m engaged in building a community. From every article about journalism I’ve read, to each post I’ve written for my website and to each interview I’ve conducted, there is evidence for people to witness I’m making an effort to secure credibility from a curious audience after observing how I’ve joined journalism and dance together.

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