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Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet Enters New Season with 'Fall for Dance' Production

Families of participating dancers, friends, local dance instructors and general supporters of the arts community attended the opening of the Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet (SMB) 44th season. The season began with Fall for Dance! 2017 on Saturday, September 9th at Captain Shreve High School featuring company members of the Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet and Endeavor Dance Incorporated, which is a separate company a part of the Shreveport Dance Academy.

“The main purpose of Fall for Dance is an outreach. We want to teach the community about dance. Of course, we focus on classical ballet-- the Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet, but we love to embrace all types of dance. So, having a company like Endeavor join us with a different style of dance-- modern and contemporary; it gives people the opportunity to see different genres of dance,” said SMB Executive Director, Heidi York Gerkin.

Before the auditorium doors opened, ticket holders were given the opportunity to purchase cookies, bottled water and merchandise from the SMB Boutique. The boutique comprised SMB t-shirts, ballerina dolls, SMB water bottles, and all proceeds from purchased items benefited the Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet.

Kristina Gustavson, current President of the SMB Board of Directors, opened the production and announced her new position as the Executive Director of The Community Foundation of North Louisiana. Gustavson stated she is receiving preparation before she officially begins the position in January 2018.

During intermission, SMB Artistic Director, Kendra Meiki, invited young children and teens on stage for a quick stretch and ballet lesson. In the course of the event, the company fulfilled their mission by exposing children to the art of classical ballet and educating them with the style through a short lesson in front of the audience.

This year’s Fall for Dance featured contemporary ballet, classical ballet and contemporary jazz choreographed by Phillip Broomhead, Betsy McBride, Emily Loscocco, Glen Meynardie and Simon Wexler. The Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet receives consistent support from local business sponsors, community partners and in-kind sponsors.

“I believe the community supports the ballet a lot and has done so in the past as well. Now looking forward in the years, grants are few and far in between, so we need the community involved always and even more now than ever,” stated SMB Board of Directors President Elect, Darcey Pavlick.

Visit the Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet to learn more about how to support the organization by becoming an individual member, a corporate sponsor or volunteer/in-kind donor.

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