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A dancer's home studio and its powerful purpose during the pandemic

Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2021, ballerinas and male ballet dancers celebrated World Ballet Day all over the globe. Dancers, ballet enthusiasts and the general public interested in the ballet scene tuned into livestreams online of professional dancers either performing or practicing inside the studio.

As the ballet community wraps up the celebration of World Ballet Day 2021 this week, Kenya Ross of PowerPointe is releasing the latest interview on Erin McKay's 'Ode to Home Studios." Erin McKay has been recently named as Alonzo King LINES Ballet's Editor/Writer & Content Manager.

In this interview, Kenya and Erin discusses a dancer's home studio during the pandemic and its powerful purpose. Kenya begins the interview by asking Erin about the studio's reaction at the start of the pandemic. Watch the full interview!


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