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Dance Source Houston makes pointe shoes accessible for freelance dancers in Greater Houston area

Pictured: A pile of old pair of pointe shoes owned by Sara Maelyn Oberle

The April Fools' Day holiday makes it harder to share exciting new information, especially when it's truthful, urgent and could help a dancer with their wardrobe.

"This is not, we repeat not, an April Fool's joke," said Dance Source Houston's social media manager on its Facebook profile.

Dance Source Houston revealed some special news to dancers located in the Greater Houston area. The organization recently received a donation of Bloch, Capezio and Gaynor Minden pointe shoes. For local freelance dancers in the Greater Houston area, the dance source is making pointe shoes available for those who are of age 18 and older.

Interested dancers are encouraged to fill out the Freelance Dancer Pointe Shoe Request Form. The Dance Source Houston team placed an emphasis on their limited stock to make dancers aware that every single request may not be able to be fulfilled.

The team says only two pair of pointe shoes may be requested.

Later on this month, a drive-through pick up day will be scheduled at the dance source's office at Midtown Arts and Theatre Center Houston located at 3400 Main St. for dancers to receive their shoes.

Contact the team at if you have any questions about submissions. If you work in the field of dance in the Greater Houston area, make your request here for a possible free pair of pointe shoes.

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