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Taking a sip of coffee for brown ballerinas

Ever since the beginning of PowerPointe, we've stepped inside coffee shops and have gone coffee shop scouting... all for the creamy goodness (if you like cream in your coffee) of brown ballerinas.

If you're here for the first time, get caught up on the past, present and future of PowerPointe's annual community project 'Coffee Break.'

On an annual basis, PowerPointe strives to partner with coffee shops as an opportunity to do three important initiatives: connect young ballerinas and professional dancers over coffee, fundraise for Brown Girls Do Ballet and go on coffee discovery journeys to educate the coffee industry on Brown Girls Do Ballet's mission while learning about the coffee shops' unique services and stories.

In 2018, Kenya Fountain went on two coffee discovery journeys with two coffee shops in Shreveport and Bossier City, LA. We're working to get back on the journey to learn more about coffee beans, creative beverages and the coffee shops' unique stories while educating the industry about the mission of Brown Girls Do Ballet.

Would you like to make a coffee shop recommendation or invite us to your coffee shop? E-mail:

Watch Kenya as she goes on her coffee discoveries from 2018!


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