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Why every dance school should consider having a substitute instructor list

Location of photo: The Play Station in Shreveport, LA

Photo Credit: Vanguard Creative

Being in the position as a dance studio owner, take a moment to reflect on how your dance school has evolved. Your list could possibly include a supportive and reliable staff, a studio with more space, newly purchased or donated ballet barres, yoga mats for core and strengthening classes, or a new sound system.

While reflecting on your dance school's progression, did your list include an instructor substitute list? While key staff members are the backbone of the owner and overall operations of the dance studio, having a list of substitute instructors can help sustain the daily functions of classes.

Let's explore five thoughts as to why a substitute instructor list could be needful for dance schools.

1. New owners of a dance school don't always start off with permanent staff members

At the beginning of opening and owning a dance school, the owner plays several roles at once: the instructor, choreographer, artistic director, office manager, and enrollment specialist. There will come a time when the owner needs to take off for a certain period, and while permanent staff members aren't employed yet, classes must continue. That instructor substitute list will come in handy to avoid having to close down the dance school for a few days.

2. Key staff members are the backbone of the dance school owner, but substitute instructors are the backbone of key staff members

Now that your dance school has had longevity, your dance school may have instructors in permanent roles; even if this is possible, your key staff members are likely to have major life responsibilities that affect their duties at the dance studio temporarily.

Your daily instructor might have just introduced a new technique to students and wishes to keep it fresh on their brains. To be sure students are improving their muscle memory, a substitute dance instructor could fill in for your key staff member. Once your staff member returns, the substitute's fulfilled duties have not only helped to continue classes for that day, but your students would be able to move forward with the curriculum that the dance school has in place for that session or semester.

3. Substitute dance instructors can invite their network to experience a new dance school

Most dance schools work to create a welcoming environment for prospective students. A substitute dance instructor can add to that impression. If a dance studio has a schedule of classes for "drop-in" opportunities, the substitute instructor for that particular could invite their network of dancers to your school. This could be your moment as a dance studio owner to educate walk-in students about the unique services your dance school offers.

4. Get exposed to a new music playlist

One element that makes each dancer distinctive is the kind of music they listen to when it's time to warm up and get creative with choreography. Everyone has their favorite genre of music, and sometimes it's hard to break away from your preferred playlist.

However, becoming exposed to a new music playlist will motivate you to think about new ways to choreograph a new number for the week or an upcoming performance. To be a better writer, read more. To be a better swimmer, be a good kicker. To be a better choreographer, diversify your music playlist.

5. Parents can take a break from being backstage during recital time

Recital season can be one of the most stressful times for dance school owners and their staff members. Because of this reason, some dance schools might ask parents to volunteer backstage during rehearsal time and the day of the performance.

As a way to appreciate owners for hiring them throughout the year, substitute dance instructors might be willing to volunteer their time to go backstage to help students with costume changes, hair accessories, makeup, and lineup before it's time to perform before a crowd.

This will give parents or friends of dancers participating in the recital to sit in the crowd and watch what the dancers have worked all year for. Parents, take a break!

One dance school owner in Shreveport, LA is working to build a substitute instructor list. In July, we'll have Sherricka of The Play Station on PowerPointe to discuss the dance school's goal of granting the Shreveport - Bossier City community access to dance education, and why it's important for children in north Louisiana.


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