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Twin City Ballet Company Introduces Opening Season with a Tribute to Willie Nelson

Time is leading up to the Willie Nelson and Family Tour beginning this Friday, Nov. 10th in Fort Worth, TX, and it is no coincidence that one of the distinguished arts organizations in Northeast Louisiana produced a spectacular performance showcasing a tribute to America’s country musician pioneer, Willie Nelson. The Twin City Ballet Company in Monroe, Louisiana put on a grand production presented as “Talk of the Town” on Saturday, Oct. 28th at Brown Theatre on the University of Louisiana at Monroe campus.

Junior and senior company dancers of the Twin City Ballet graced the stage with a combination of contemporary styles choreographed by Leaia Caver Alsup, Joe Istre and Kristy Nilsson. Sections from this production featured music by the Italian musician, Ezio Bosso, Mumford and Sons and Willie Nelson. The attire worn by company performers set a country western scene for the audience in the performance pieces such as ‘On the Road Again’, ‘On the Sunny Side of the Street’ and the ‘Finale’ featuring the full cast of the show.

While waiting for the second selection of “Talk of the Town”, a drawing for the Christmas in New York raffle took place during intermission with the help from one of the company directors, Gretchen Jones and company dancers. Earnings from sales of the raffle tickets supported the Twin City Ballet Company.

“I think that Twin City Ballet, the company itself, is always the talk of the town. We luckily have a director, Linda Ford, who allows us to be cutting edge, up forward, modern and up-to-date, and we always bring to the audience what we consider is pleasing to the audience. It always leaves people wanting more, and that leaves them talking,” said guest choreographer, Leaia Alsup.

This 2017-2018 season opening performance of the company ended with the audience giving a standing ovation for a magnificent show.

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