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Curly Dancer Search: Q & A Session with NaturallyCurly's Content Editor

Issues in the dance world are on a rise when it comes to naturally curly hair, but more so with kinky curly hair. Typically while studying ballet, taking class in the dance studio or performing on stage, dance instructors prefer the "slick bun."

On the other hand, there are companies that are starting to allow dancers with textured hair to embrace their natural hair on stage. In November 2017, the Pacific Northwest Ballet featured a brown ballerina starring as the iconic and leading character, Clara, in the Nutcracker. The Pacific Northwest Ballet received much appreciation for using their stage to recognize diversity during one of the most famous performances in ballet.

However, textured hair in the dance culture is not accepted everywhere. In October 2017, the first series of the Editor's Discovery Discussion was conducted at NaturallyCurly's 'The Curl Revolution' Book Launch Party in Austin, Texas. The first series is called, The Curly Dancer Search. The goal of The Curly Dancer Search is to discover dancers with naturally curly hair to discuss stories and issues involving being in the dance studio or on the performance stage with the PowerPointe's Editor.

The Curly Dancer Search was coordinated via live Twitter (@PowerPointeNet) in Austin, Texas at Book People for 'The Curl Revolution' Book Launch Party presented by NaturallyCurly. Discussions were had with one of Ballet Austin's dance instructors and former Latin dancer for Texas State.

The President and Co-Founder of NaturallyCurly, Michelle Breyer, greeted the crowd, spoke about the anticipated impact of 'The Curl Revolution', gave a shout out to her editors and models of the newly launched book. In the middle of the event, attendees were able to purchase the book and have it signed by Michelle Breyer.

Here's a Q & A session between PowerPointe's Editor, Kenya Winifred Ross and one of Naturally Curly's Content Editor, Alexandra Wilson. Alexandra Wilson is also the Founder of her public relations and brand consulting agency, Queens Conquer. Get the inside scoop of Naturally Curly and the powerful message that was heard at the book launch party:

Q & A with Naturally Curly's Content Editor- Alexandra Wilson

Kenya: While working as a content editor for Naturally Curly, what are the top challenges you've seen (or written about) that curly girls encounter in today's society?

Alexandra: "Though, the natural hair movement has progressed tremendously and shows a wide variety of what natural hair looks like, a challenge that is apparent is kinky hair is still not as prominent in most marketing campaigns and represented equally. There are so many beautiful women with kinky and coily hair that deserve to be seen, most importantly young girls need to see them to be reminded that they're hair is beautiful and regal. Speaking of young girls seeing women that look like them, that's still a very relevant topic. Most women grew up seeing very few women that looked like us on tv and in the media, that's why it's so important now to use our platform to showcase the real stories, experiences and journeys of curly hair women who are rocking their crown unapologetically."

Kenya: The team of Naturally Curly does not only speak about empowerment, but you all live it out in your videos, stories, and events like The Curl Revolution Book Launch Party. Why do you believe it's important to "live it out" and not just speak about empowerment?

Alexandra: "Living a powerful life truly starts from within, that's why my favorite motto is- conquer from within. Everything we do in life must start from within. I'm truly grateful to work with such talented, creative, passionate, and inspiring women that are not only creating dope content for NaturallyCurly, but serving our community and creating something bigger than us."

Kenya: With The Curl Revolution- What makes curly hair revolutionary?

Alexandra: "For so long curly hair was not represented in media, beauty campaigns or accepted and now it's become revolutionary to rock your curls. It's amazing to be a part of the revolution and be able to amplify these stories where women going against the grain to redefine traditional beauty standards."

Kenya: The book launch party brought together so many girls with different curly hair textures. A lot of women with straight hair were in attendance as well. Michelle mentioned the women with straight hair were the ambassadors for curly girls. From this perspective, would you say that sometimes it takes a group with a certain differentiation to help create change?

Alexandra: "Yes, I do believe it's important to have support from allies to create change. Just like the feminist movement, which is usually geared toward white women. In order to create change, white women have to use their privilege and stand in solidarity with women of color. Though they may not understand our experiences they can still speak on injustice acts and be part of creating change and opportunity for all women. The more we can learn from each other and find ways to empower each other that is when the true revolution will unfold."

The next launch parties for 'The Curly Revolution' presented by NaturallyCurly will be February 24th in Littleton, Colorado and March 8th in La Jolla, California. The Curly Dancer Search will continue this year. E-mail your stories to

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