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Where you are, is where you're supposed to be

"Dancers enjoying class this morning as they prepare for another day of performing!"

Video: Twin City Ballet Company

As you grow up and begin to evolve, you start becoming more of a thinker and writing down most of your ideas. In the beginning, sometimes we don't believe our ideas can prosper in our current place; whether it be your hometown, school, church or a certain city you're ready to leave.

This dance company in Monroe, LA, Twin City Ballet Company, is a prime example of taking advantage of where you are to get to where you're destined to be. On the morning of November 29th, dancers of Twin City Ballet used an entire auditorium to have ballet class before going on stage for their big performance.

The instructors from this dance company could've easily told their dancers to meet at the dance studio for a quick practice before going to the auditorium. This would've been more convenient, right? A dance studio supplies ballet barres, slip-resistant floors and a sound system with more familiarity. But, instead, they used an area in the auditorium with no ballet barres and not a dance studio floor in sight.

Where you are may not have all the resources you need to get to where you're trying to go, but what are you doing to be creative? What little knowledge, limited resources or small spaces are you currently using for your next big performance in life? Whatever it may be, use it as a greater good to flourish where you are now. It will lead to something bigger, and something you may have never imagined.

Where you are, is where you're suppose to be.

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