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Brown Girls Do Ballet releases its first coloring book to empower young dancers

Photo Credit: Brown Girls Do Ballet

From an Instagram photo project to a photo gallery and now to a coloring book; Brown Girls Do Ballet has released its first coloring book, Brown Girls Do Ballet Presents: The Coloring Book.

The release of the organization's first coloring book is aimed to empower young dancers in training and adult coloring enthusiasts who are ready to pull out a crayon or marker. In this coloring book, dancers and art enthusiasts interested in coloring will be able to find some of Brown Girls Do Ballet's recognizable photographs of underrepresented ballerinas with a variety of body shapes and natural hair on the coloring pages.

"It is a very empowering and inspiring collection of artwork," said Charlie Reese.

This coloring book is an addition to the body of work formed by Brown Girls Do Ballet; ranging from photography projects to the Brown Ballerina Road Trip, to a walk-in photo gallery and a short film.

"Since the inception of the organization, so many of our photographs have been loved, shared, and even purchased. This coloring book allows those excited by the work we do we do to celebrate, support and engage in a new way by bringing both young and mature audiences together over an activity they can both enjoy. We hope people are excited to put their own artistic spin on the images in Brown Girls Do Ballet Presents: The Coloring Book and I can't wait to see the creativity and new takes on the existing artwork that comes from this project," said Brown Girls Do Inc. Board Chair Amber Cabral.

The release of the Brown Girls Do Ballet Coloring Book kicks off an important season for Brown Girls Do Ballet. Each year, the organization uses its platform to raise money for small scholarships, mentorships, and community events to support ballerinas of color. The funds raised from Brown Girls Do Ballet Presents: The Coloring Book will also contribute to scholarships, mentorship, and community events funding through the organization. Brown Girls Do Ballet Presents: The Coloring Book is now available for purchase by the public.

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